What are Jodo Shin Ethics?

2 thoughts on “What are Jodo Shin Ethics?”

  1. Hello, Takashi Miyaji. The reason I had to read your article on Jodo Shinshu ethics is because you spoke at a Senshin Seminar not too long ago. We appreciate you clarity of thought and that you make complete ideas easy to digest.
    I think you have a depth in Jodo Shinshu, it is appreciated. I was wondering which Temples and how many were open to the LGBTQ(hope I got that right) and black lives matter. I was just curious.
    Though it is nice to help others, I think as Buddhists, we need to help ourselves or MYSELF first. I liked that you had that quote from Dogen Zenji “The Buddha way is to the self”.
    Thanks for showing me my life.

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